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In the fast-paced and ever changing pavement preservation industry it seems there is always something newsworthy to share.  Be sure to check in often for news listings on current industry developments, latest product news and industry specific events.  You can also access trade show information within the appearances section of the site.   

FiberMat®- Recycled After 7 Years of Outstanding Performance
(March 2015) - Norjohn Contracting and Paving placed a FiberMat® Type A wearing surface at the entrance to one of their many aggregate locations in 2007. The FiberMat® which utilized 2 oz./sy of fiberglass was than subjected to daily heavy truck traffic in and out of the facility. Finally, after seven years of exceptional performance Norjohn decided it was time to replace the pavement.  Read More>>

FasBlack-M High Performance Polymer Modified Fog Seal
(May 2014) - Pavement Professionals are always looking for ways to maintain and enhance asphalt pavements in a cost effective manner and the Colas Group of Companies has the perfect solution: FasBlack-M™.  Read More>>
FiberMat® wins head-to-head comparison with Paving Fabric on Michigan Interstate 75
(September 2013) - FiberMat® was recently placed in the State of Michigan on seven miles of Interstate 75 and it all came about because FiberMat® out-performed paving fabric in a head-to-head comparison conducted by the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT).  Read More>>
Colas Solutions Blows into the Windy City for the APWA
(September 2013) - Colas Solutions just returned from the International APWA Congress and Exposition in Chicago, IL. The show was well attended by an estimated 7,000 Public Works Professionals who spent four days in training and exploring the large exposition of equipment and products on display.  Read More>>
"Totally Integrated" Not just a slogan at Cuyahoga Valley National Park
(July 2013) - Cuyahoga Valley National Park in Northeast Ohio preserves and reclaims the rural landscape along the Cuyahoga River between Akron and Cleveland. The only national park in Ohio, it is 51 miles long and contains 33,000 acres. The Park sees more than three million visitors a year, making it the fifth most visited national park according to the U.S. National Park Service.  Read More>>
News from CSTC
(July 2013) - The Colas Solutions’ Technical Center (CSTC) continues to move forward with the addition of new equipment and new certifications for the laboratory. CSTC is one of only a couple of contractor-owned facilities in the U. S. that is AMRL (AASHTO Materials Reference Laboratory) certified in all aspects of soils, aggregates, asphalt mixes, asphalt binders and emulsions.  Read More>>
FiberMat® Approved by North Carolina DOT
(July 2013) - FiberMat® has recently been approved for use by the North Carolina Department of Transportation. It is the culmination of a three year process started by our FiberMat® sub-licensee in North Carolina, Hammaker East, who placed two FiberMat® demonstration projects in New Hill, NC. Those projects were placed with the help of Midland Asphalt’s Tom Szarleta operating the FiberMat® machine and Nelson Wesenberg from Colas Solutions presenting the FiberMat® process to the NCDOT personnel on site prior to the demonstrations.   Read More>>
FiberMat® Type B Installed on the Syracuse Airport Runway
(June 2013) - Since 2006 FiberMat® Type B “SAMI” has been successfully installed at the Syracuse Hancock International Airport under HMA on the runways by Barrett Paving and Midland Asphalt. Here is a progression of activities which are still in the works to this day.  Read More>>
Colas Teamwork Makes Demo a Success
(September 2012) - When our FiberMat® contractor in Mexico asked Colas Inc. about seeing a Full Depth Reclamation (FDR) job in person in the U.S., it set in motion a series of events that demonstrated the excellent teamwork of our organization. The Mexicans wanted to come the third week in May, so it was necessary to secure an FDR job that could run in that very limited time frame. Since we wanted to show them the new expanded laboratory at the Colas Solutions Technology Center (CSTC), the FDR job needed to be in the Cincinnati area.  Read More>>
Branscome Solutions Promotes Pavement Preservation in Virginia
(August 2012) - Ford’s Colony is a gated community in Williamsburg, Virginia that has a road network of 48 miles. Over the last several years, Branscome, Inc. has performed several milling projects there, followed by Hot, and more recently Warm, Mix Asphalt.  Read More>>
National Center for Asphalt Technology is Testing FiberMat®
(August 2012) - As a national leader in the Pavement Preservation community, Colas Inc. and its subsidiaries, are participating in a scientific study to determine the effectiveness of FiberMat®. Working through FP2, a national consortium which promotes Pavement Preservation, we are underwriting a new research study on pavement preservation at the National Center for Asphalt Technology (NCAT) at Auburn University.  Read More>>
FastTack™ Approved by PennDOT
(August 2012) - After years of effort on the part of numerous people, we finally have approval for FastTack™ from the Bureau of Construction in Pennsylvania. FastTack™, the fast breaking tack coat system that was developed a number of years ago by Midland Asphalt (MAMI) in New York using the Colas Colnet® technology.  Read More>>
Southeast Emulsions Breaks Ground on New Facility in Tennessee
(May 2012) - On April 12, 2012, Federal, County, and City officials helped break ground in Mt. Pleasant, Tennessee at the site of a new Southeast Emulsions plant. Actual construction will begin in about 3 weeks and the plant is expected to be running by the end of August. Strawser Construction has operated in the State of Tennessee for some time and this new emulsion plant will expand their vertically integrated footprint allowing for growth of pavement preservation.  Read More>>
Colas Solutions Launches Redesigned Website
(March 2012) - Colas Solutions, Inc. (CSI) is proud to announce that it recently launched a completely redesigned website. It is more colorful, more informative and hopefully easier to navigate. This new site features a rotating showcase of CSI products on the HOME page using the color scheme and nature pictures from each product’s brochure. Each brochure is accessible either by clicking on it as it cycles through on the HOME page or by clicking on the PRODUCTS tab which has a complete listing of all our products with links to each brochure.  Read More>>
CSI Touts Pavement Preservation in Alaska
(February 2012) - On February 7th 2012, Martin Thompson, Director of Technical Support for Colas Solutions, gave a presentation to the Alaskan section of the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) at the Aviation Museum near the Anchorage Airport. Among the approximately 70 ITE delegates at this meeting were a number of Alaska DOT & Municipal engineers as well as representatives from engineering companies, and the FAA.  Read More>>
CSI at the World Road Congress in Mexico
(November 2011) - Colas Solutions was privileged to attend the XXIV World Road Congress in Mexico City September 26th through the 30th. Our display, which featured FiberMat, was manned by Nelson Wesenberg and Bart Lungren of Colas Solutions, Mandy Monjaras of Mountain States Materials and Anthony Lino of Sully Miller Construction, as part of the French Pavilion at the show. Mandy and Anthony were both chosen in part because they speak Spanish and so communication during our stay in Mexico was not a problem.  Read More>>
EcoPrime™ Goes West
(October 2011) - EcoPrime™, the eco-friendly, solvent-less prime coat, is off to a strong start in Wyoming this year. Wyoming DOT has been looking for a more cost-effective, readily available and more eco-friendly option than the MC-70 Cutback Prime which they have been using for projects specifying a prime coat application. Mandy Monjaras and her team at Mountain States Materials, in collaboration with Colas Solutions, answered the challenge by successfully formulating EcoPrime™ C, a diluent-free cationic emulsion, to meet the State’s requirements.  Read More>>
Colas Solutions Hires Recycling Expert
(September 2011) - Effective September 1, 2011 Todd Thomas joined the staff of Colas Solutions, Inc. (CSI) as Technical Service Engineer. In his new role Todd will be concentrating on development and implementation of Recycling, Reclamation and Stabilization programs. He will be located in Cincinnati and will report directly to Roger Hayner, President of CSI.  Read More>>
Mexican Contractor visits FiberMat® Jobs
(August 2011) - Colas Solutions, Inc. and Midland Asphalt recently hosted a contingent of road professionals from Mexico to observe the FiberMat® machine in action in Western New York State. Three individuals attended from Precova, a major Mexican contractor headquartered in Mexico City. In addition there were 2 people from SEM Materials Mexico, the company that furnishes emulsions to Precova, along with the sales person in Mexico for Secmair, the manufacturer of the FiberMat® machine. Language was not really a problem thanks to Ramon Martinez, a bilingual employee from Midland, who handled translations like a pro.  Read More>>
Grand Opening of Colas Solutions Technology Center
(July 2011) - The new Colas Solutions Technology Center in Cincinnati, Ohio was officially opened on June 1st with an Open House attended by nearly 80 people. Louis Gabanna, Georges Ausseil and James Weeks assisted Roger Hayner in cutting the ribbon to mark the official opening. In addition to a host of internal people, there were also many representatives from industry including vendors, suppliers, Agency officials, University representatives and customers.  Read More>>
Southeastern Pavement Preservation Partnership (SEPPP) Meeting
(June 2011) - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma was the setting for this year’s meeting of the SEPPP. There are 4 such partnerships spread over the USA and each are coalitions of states that get together yearly to share ideas on Pavement Preservation. Various committees work on issues between meetings.  Read More>>
HRI Conducts a FiberMat® Breakfast
(June 2011) - Nearly 150 Pennsylvania highways officials recently gathered in Lewisburg at the invitation of HRI to hear about Pavement Preservation in general and the FiberMat process in particular. In attendance were representatives from counties, townships, PennDOT and engineering companies. The meeting, which was organized by Jerry Brokenshire of HRI, was very well attended thanks to Jerry and HRI’s reputation in the marketplace. It didn’t hurt either that the site of the meeting, the Country Cupboard Restaurant, is renowned for its outstanding breakfasts and by all accounts the place fully lived up to its reputation this particular day.  Read More>>
"FiberMat Workshop in Texas a huge success!"
(February 2011) - As the result of last year’s FiberMat demonstration projects in Texas, the Texas Pavement Preservation Center (TPPC) invited Colas Solutions to give a FiberMat workshop at the Center, which is located on the University of Texas campus in Austin, Texas.  Read More>>
AEMA-ARRA-ISSA Annual Meeting
(January 2011) - The Colas Solutions team recently attended the joint annual meeting of the AEMA/ARRA/ISSA organizations in Tucson, AZ.  Read More>>


Brochures for FiberMat®, DustGrip™, EcoPatch™ and FastTack™are now available in Spanish.

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