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Potholes & Patching

Everyone knows that potholes jolt passengers, loosen hubcaps and cause accidents. What most people don't know are the costs to drivers for extra fuel and accelerated wear on their vehicles. Nor do they realize the huge costs of accelerated pavement damage caused by potholes. There are many causes of potholes: insufficient pavement depth, age hardened pavement, unsealed cracks, poor drainage, poor bonding between pavement layers and unstable bases. Most potholes form in late winter or early spring as the base beneath the pavement becomes saturated and destabilized. One of the most preventable causes of potholes is from utility cuts performed without proper patching.

At Colas Solutions™, we believe the best option is to prevent potholes from ever developing. Prevention methods include: 

  • quality design and construction
  • materials applied at recommended thicknesses
  • timely pavement preservation treatments for aging pavements
  • sealing the pavement against moisture intrusion
  • sealing cracks and interfaces between pavement lanes and edges
  • properly patching and sealing of utility cuts

Our family of local Colas company affiliates can help with all of these. Tireless quality control, best construction practices, truly innovative products and expert sales representatives mean customers end up with the right treatment, on the right road, at the right time.

For proper patching of cut-out (or failed) areas and for preventing potholes from disturbing drivers, causing accidents and accelerating pavement failure, our Colas Solutions™ line of patching materials makes it easy for you to fix it right the first time.

EcoPatch® is engineered to be long-lasting and easy to use—as well as environmentally-friendly with no petroleum solvents. Applications of UltraWear™ or EcoMat® surface treatments are ideal for larger patch areas.  

Our assortment of patching products will make your roads safer and protect your pavement investment.  However, if there are too many potholes, patches, or other distresses, recycling may be the best option and we can help with that also.

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Technologies for Potholes:

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