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Miscellaneous Distress

Whatever your pavement distress, Colas Solutions can help you find the best technologies for prevention, diagnosis and remedy. The most common pavement distresses are cracking, deformation, potholes and surface distresses. We can also help you with all your other pavement problems, including lane-to-shoulder drop-off and water bleeding and pumping.

Lane-to-Shoulder Drop Off is a separation between the level of the lane and shoulder and is a safety hazard which allows water to infiltrate and wear away the base. EcoPatch® can bridge the distance with a safe and environmentally responsible solution.

Water Bleeding and Pumping occur when water seeps out of joints and cracks or through excessively porous asphalt, this "water bleeding" then leads to "pumping" when traffic expels water and fine material up through cracks or out the sides of asphalt pavements. Both distresses indicate loss of skid resistance and decreased structural support. The problems may be caused by poor drainage, cracks through the pavement structure, or a pavement that is too porous. If drainage is the problem, it should be fixed. Colas Solutions technologies can seal the pavement structure against water intrusion; UltraWear™, micro surfacing and other surface treatments protect the pavement from further damage.

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Technologies for Miscellaneous Distress:

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