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Surface Defects

The best solution for surface defects is early treatment to preserve the pavement structure before further damage occurs. Colas Solutions specializes in providing treatments that can save your pavement investment and provide drivers with a safe, smooth long lasting pavement. As with any pavement distress, the solution that addresses the cause will be the most cost-effective and longest lasting fix. Primary surface defects include cracking and surface deformations, as well as:

Bleeding and flushing. When asphalt binder rises to the surface, it makes the surface slippery when wet and sticky when dry. It is irreversible and can disrupt the strength of the mix or surface treatment. Possible causes include too heavy application of binder in chip seals and other surface treatments, too high asphalt content in mixes, binders too soft for the climate, and moisture induced stripping of asphalt from the aggregate. Colas Solutions representatives can help determine the cause and the most effective treatment for your particular problem area. If the problem is only at the surface, bituminous surface treatments such as UltraWear™ designed for the specific pavement can solve the problem. Specific techniques in chip sealing such as sandwich seals can also address specific rich areas of asphalt. If the structure is compromised, the damaged layers should be removed and replaced with quality materials in well-designed layers constructed using best practices. Colas Solutions team representatives can help with all of these.

Polished Aggregate. Traffic wears away the angular surfaces of aggregate, lowering the skid resistance. While polish-resistant aggregates can help prevent the problem, there are a number of Colas Solutions treatments that can restore the friction and preserve the pavement. UltraWear™, chip seals, slurry seals and micro surfacing are just some of the possible solutions that make the most efficient use of high quality aggregates while providing lasting, skid resistant surfaces. Let us help you choose the treatment that best meets the demands on your roads.

Raveling. Loosening aggregate on the surface causes flying debris, roughness, water puddles with vehicle hydroplaning, and loss of skid resistance. As asphalt age hardens, it can become brittle and no longer effectively bind the aggregates together. Raveling is especially a problem with open mixes and chipseals that have more exposure to the elements. Timely preventive maintenance surface treatments such as Colas Solutions fog seals, chip seals, slurry seals, micro surfacing, MicRoad® and UltraWear™ can resurface pavements and prevent age-hardening. Raveling may also be caused by segregation in mixes and moisture induced stripping of asphalt binder from aggregate. If the problem is only at the surface, there are several Colas Solutions technologies for sealing the surface, including UltraWear™, chip sealing, slurry seals and micro surfacing. If the problem is deeper, we can help with that, too. Our local affiliates can provide materials and construction technologies that prevent raveling with durable, high film thickness binders. UltraWear™, for example, provides a surface with strong, moisture resistant binders, high quality aggregates, and long lasting performance.

Stripping. Stripping is the loss of adhesion of the asphalt to aggregate. When this happens in the pavement layers, the asphalt typically migrates to the surface, leaving the aggregates unbound and weakening the structure. When it happens at the surface, the result is raveling. While it is the mineral and chemical properties of the aggregate and asphalt that determine stripping resistance, it is poor drainage or moisture and mechanical energy which usually cause the problem. Trapped moisture in the base, in air voids and in porous aggregates expands when heated, separating the bond. Colas Solutions can help you choose the right products for durable adhesion that resists the effects of water damage. Our technologies seal out water, and our construction techniques prevent trapping moisture.

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Technologies for Surface Defects:

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