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UltraWear™ “The perfect solution for long-lasting ultrathin overlays.”

UltraWear™, the ultrathin surface treatment from Colas Solutions, is a valuable surface treatment for preserving existing pavements and new construction on both asphalt and Portland cement concrete surfaces.

UltraWear™ provides superior bonding to the pavement, while the thick polymer-enhanced asphalt emulsion membrane fills and seals small cracks.  UltraWear™ also provides excellent waterproofing and high quality aggregate restores and retains skid resistance.


An award-winning solution for long-lasting, ultrathin overlays

UltraWear™ Advantages

  • Extends pavement life up to 10 years or longer
  • Suitable for all types of asphalt and cement pavements
  • Quick application and instant traffic return
  • Superior bonding and ravel resistance
  • Reduces tire noise
  • Seals small cracks and waterproofs surfaces
  • Provides durable skid resistance
  • Maximizes use of high performance aggregates
  • Preserves curb reveal and overhead clearances
  • Minimizes need for shoulder resurfacing
  • Resists oxidative aging with a thick polymer asphalt membrane