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FiberMat® “Meshing strength with flexibility for longer pavement life”

A unique crack inhibiting treatment, FiberMat® is comprised of a spray applied highly elastomeric membrane that is then reinforced with a matrix of fiber, sandwiched between two layers of polymer modified asphalt emulsion. FiberMat® is applied in a single pass, with a patented machine, to form a continuous membrane, which also seals pavement defects. Its extraordinary high tensile strength absorbs pavement distresses and significantly reduces and delays cracking, a significant cause of pavement failure.


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Crack-inhibiting membrane

FiberMat® Advantages

  • Extends pavement life by increasing tensile strength & flexibility
  • Reduces and delays recurrence of reflective cracking
  • Waterproofs and seals aged pavement surfaces
  • Bonds well to concrete and asphalt
  • Fast, continuous application process saves time and money while opening to traffic use in just minutes
  • Easily recyclable, more eco-friendly and less energy required than many similar treatments