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EcoPatch® performance, eco-friendly pavement repairs.

Using recycled materials from non-petroleum-based sustainable resources, EcoPatch® is a superior performing alternative for pavement repairs. Unlike traditional "Cold Mix" asphalts, EcoPatch® offers an environmentally friendly solution to conventional cutback cold mixes whose volatile solvents present hazards to both the users and the environment. 

Repairs to potholes, utility cuts, and pavement imperfections using EcoPatch® provide permanent solutions for both asphalt and concrete defects. It can also be used on damp surfaces to provide repairs where damage normally occurs.  


High performance, eco-friendly pavement repairs

EcoPatch® Advantages

  • Eco-friendly permanent pavement repairs
  • Bio-based and recycled mix formulas limit carbon emissions and VOC's
  • Applied like conventional patch mixes with no special handling
  • Durability and resilience of conventional cutback mixes without the hazardous petroleum solvents
  • Versatile, easy to handle and store options for small or big jobs
  • No need for heating or specialized handling equipment
  • Patched areas can be recycled if necessary
  • Low production temperature reduces fossil fuel consumption
  • Bulk stockpiles can be stored outside in winter conditions