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Laboratory Services

Technical ability, knowledge, and expertise are well known to be a part of the Colas Group culture. Colas Solutions continues in that regard with its team of engineers, scientists, and technicians within the U.S. And while it continues to develop personnel and experience,  Colas Solutions has access to the Colas Group’s technical teams, laboratory services, and research operations expertise throughout five continents.

Colas Solutions™, however is home to it’s very own Technology Center, which recently underwent a 5300 square foot expansion to the already impressive 3000 square foot laboratory.  The new Technology Center, features a 3300 square feet of additional laboratory space as well as a state-of-the-art training center.  Together, these two new spaces will provide technical support, new product evaluation and development services for the Colas Inc. U.S. Group Companies.

The new laboratory has expanded capabilities for producing bitumen emulsions, polymer modified binders, as well as various coatings and specialty products.  The Colas Solutions Technical Center has a vast array of test equipment for evaluating product quality and performance. Our state of the art emulsion lab mill can produce all types of bitumen emulsions with the capability to mimic actual production facility operations, which is especially useful for new product design and evaluation purposes. In addition to binder and emulsion capabilities, the CSTC provides a full range of mixtures technical capabilities with various mix and performance evaluation equipment.

Colas Solutions™ is poised to deliver world class, innovative global solutions on a local level which are unmatched in the industry for your pavement preservation and infrastructure maintenance needs.

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