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A World of Innovation™

For Colas Solutions, innovation is not just something we aspire to achieve, but rather, innovation has been the consistent focus, as well as the consistent outcome, of the Colas Group's endeavors for over 90 years. 

We pride ourselves on being part of one of the most innovative road building companies in the world. We dedicate a large portion of our resources to Research and Development efforts, and over the years those efforts have resulted in a continuous flow of innovative products and processes for use in construction of new paving infrastructures. At the same time we are constantly searching for new products and processes to perserve and maintain existing roadways, while searching for improved methods and products that will outperform existing, tried and true techniques.

Access to the research and development activities of related companies all over the world allows us to offer the very latest products and processes to our customers. With the industry's most extensive network of global resources, industry leading product development and technical expertise, Colas Solutions continues the heritage of innovation, year after year.  

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